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One of the most common concerns that iPhone users face is that of the screen. While iPhones are a major hit among mobile phone users, it is also highly prone to a scratched or broken screen due to the sensitivity of the screen. And, using an iPhone with a scratched screen takes away all the charm of using the phone. Furthermore, using it for a prolonged time without replacement can risk the functions of the phone. Another common issue with the display of an iPhone is its flickering screen. This can either be caused due to breakage or a software problem. Therefore, the best way to solve this concern is to get a replacement for your phone screen. Some may feel that this can be done easily by anyone but replacing an iPhone screen is a crucial and complex process, and it is best that an expert technician fulfills the job. Irrespective of the issue you face with your iPhone screen, our highly-trained professionals can fix it for you.
Although iPhone batteries are known to be extremely strong because the brand uses Lithium-ion batteries, their lifespan is highly controversial. An iPhone’s battery is just like an iPod’s battery in the sense that it is not removable, which implies that eventually the battery will run out of juice and when it does, the only way to fix that issue is to replace the battery. Studies show that an Apple phone battery is supposed to last approximately two years, however, it doesn’t mean that it cannot have other issues. If you feel that your phone battery isn’t performing as well as compared to when it was purchased, speak to one of our skilled professionals today and get the problem checked..
The primary problem when your iPhone stops charging is to figure out if the problem is with the charger or whether you have a faulty charging port. The easiest way to figure this out is to try a different apple charger on the port to figure out if the port is faulty or the charger. However, this may or may not be full proof which is why it is best to get it checked by a professional technician. Our team of experts has a proper understanding of the iPhone charging port issue and they will let you know whether you have a problem with your charging port or not. We will also let you know whether there is just a minor issue with the charging port of your device or there is a major iPhone charging port replacement that needs to happen. .
The Power Button Problem is highly usual not only for iPhones but for most mobile phones. Since the power button is used the most of all on-screen touch mobile phones and iPhones, it is highly likely to get damaged. So, what happens if your iPhone's power button is damaged? Undeniably, a power button problem is extremely troublesome as it restricts you from switching your phone on and off. The iPhone power button problem can be irritating because it prevents you from doing certain things on your phone such as taking screenshots, turning off your device or putting it to sleep. if buttons on your iPhone are malfunctioning or broken, you can count on our technicians for professional repair services.
In most mobile phones including iPhones, the power button problem is not the only trouble that one can phase, but the volume button can also be another concern you may have to deal with. Similar to the power button, a problem with the volume buttons become very uneasy to handle the device. In case the volume button or volume rocker on your iPhone gets damaged, then you wouldn't be able to increase and decrease the volume of your iPhone. In this situation, you may want to get the volume button of your iPhone repaired as quickly as possible so that you can adjust the volume settings as per your preference. Our team of iPhone repair experts and engineers will be at your assistance every time you might require such a repair service.
With the advancement in technologies, the need for the home button in mobile phones have gradually diminished. Nowadays, mobile phone manufacturers build devices which feature a full-screen display and bear no need for the home button. However, there are still a few smartphones such as the iPhone models before the iPhone X that have a home button. Many people who use those iPhones might have to encounter the problem of not being able to utilize the functions of the home button if it gets damaged. The home button of an iPhone has multiple uses. For instance, the home button acts as a fingerprint sensor in iPhones used to unlock the phone and protect it from unknown people to use your phone. To resolve this issue, you must consult one of our expert technicians so they can resolve your concerns at the earliest.
The silent button is a feature exclusive to iPhones and just a handful of other smartphones. Some brands call it the Alert Slider. Though this button doesn’t have a lot of uses like the home button or volume button, it enables iPhone users to switch between silent and ringer mode of their phone with a click of a button. Even though it may feel that using a phone with a malfunctioned Silent Button isn’t a big deal, you must understand that every part of electronic equipment is somehow connected to another. And, a damaged part, irrespective of how insignificant it may be, can affect the operations of the entire device gradually. Having said that, if you have a problem with you silent button, bring it to us at Westcoast Repairs today and let our technicians work the magic for you.
Well, this is one of the most critical problems your device can encounter. If the earpiece of your iPhone is damaged then you won’t be able to utilize the most basic function of any phone i.e. the calling function, unless you wish to undergo the hassle of plugging in your headphones every time you wish to make or receive a call. Fixing the earpiece of an iPhone is one of the most complex processes of all and it needs highly-trained technicians to detect the cause of the problem and change the earpiece assembly. If you face similar problems, let our experts help you with the same.
One of the primary uses for phones these days is its ability to play and store music. iPhones, especially, are known for its massive storage space and a diverse music library which allows users to download and listen to unlimited music. But, what would you do if the inbuilt speakers on your phone give up on you! The iPhone Speaker repair is again one of the common problems in iPhones that you may have to face. Well, you can easily know if there is a problem with your iPhone's speaker by observing the volume level of your phone’s speaker or whether it works at all or not. As a precaution, you can try cleaning the speaker and do all the basic cleaning required. However, if it still doesn’t fix the problem, it is best that you bring it to us so we can diagnose and repair the problem.
A microphone works absolutely opposite to the functions of a speaker in the way that a speaker is used as an output device for sound whereas microphone is an input device. It allows you to speak when you are on a call and assists you in making voice notes. Yet again, you would need to constantly keep a headphone handy and use it every time you wish to speak on the phone. In a situation like these, you simply have to take your device to the nearest Westcoast Repairs center and let our technicians fix the problem for you.
iPhones are known for their cameras, be it the back camera or the front camera. The cameras on Apple phones are so exceptional that the features of the camera are one of the key USPS in their marketing strategy. iPhone cameras have deep sensors and optical zoom features which makes them one of the best in the market. The cameras may get damaged due to various reasons – accidental fall, software issue, etc. Irrespective of the concern, owning an iPhone without its camera doesn’t make any sense at all, especially if you love your phone because of its picture quality. Get the cameras repaired or replaced at the earliest by visiting one of our repair centers and continue capturing memories with your phone.
Each day when you use your iPhone, you expose it to the whole world and the things in it and around you. Along with a number of other concerns your iPhone may face, liquid damage is a major one and it is extremely critical too. No matter the level of waterproofing you use to protect it, if there is a major exposure to any form of liquid, there is a great possibility of severe liquid damage to your phone. Furthermore, as per Apple, there is no way to prevent your phone or guarantee complete repair once it has been exposed to liquid. There the only solution is device replacement. Apple can tell if an iPhone does have water or liquid damage by checking the Liquid Damage Indicator on the side of the iPhone. Usually, most mobile phones, including the iPhone, have a water damage indicator. Some iPhones have indicators either in the headphone socket or on the bottom of the dock-connector housing. Additionally, some iPhones feature a water damage indicator on the inside of the nano-SIM card slot. The liquid damage indicator of the iPhones can only be read by an expert who can accurately gauge the level of liquid damage to the phone and decide the course of repair.
Headphones are extremely useful tech tools that we use almost every day. Headphones are used to make and receive calls as well as to enjoy music. While there is no proper technique to fix a damaged headphone, however, if your headphone works well with other phones but not with your Apple device, our experts can be determining if there is a compatibility issue or if there is anything else that can be fixed. Most times, the reason for a headphone to not work with your Apple device could be a faulty headphone socket. Our well-trained technicians are trained to resolve such issues for you in no time.
A lot of iPhone users prefer keeping their phone on vibration mode when the phone rings. It is also very useful to put your phone on vibration if you are in an important meeting or conference and yet, you do not want to miss any urgent calls. For users who prefer this feature, it could be disheartening to be unable to use this feature, however small it may seem. The vibration on your Apple phone can stop working for either a software issue or a hardware issue. In both cases, our technicians can run proper diagnostics on your phone to narrow down the actual reason and fix it.
An iPhone offers its users Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 2G, 3G, and LTE services. And, of course, it needs antenna cables to do that. A fault in the cables can cause poor signal problems, irregular Bluetooth functions, and disruptive Wi-Fi connectivity. Our team of highly qualified technicians is extremely experienced in diagnosing such problems and repairing them at the earliest
iPhone users are aware that their phone is used for a lot of other things other than just making and receiving calls, playing music, or sending messages. Most iPhones have inbuilt applications that help you keep a track of your health, save the flight and other travel information, and follow a fitness plan and more. What they may or may not know that these applications gather data from users and send it regularly to developers. These are known as diagnostic information and developers use this information to make software changes and updates and fix bugs. Diagnostic services are tasks or procedures that are built into the firmware/software applications running in the embedded system with the primary purpose of providing health, status, and behavior information to the developers. Sometimes this is in the form of a message, or log entry. At the Apple Store, the program they use is actually already built into your phone. It shows up under Diagnostics in settings but is only available when you are connected to Wi-Fi and when an expert sends a diagnostic request to your serial number. There's actually a function in their app that allows them to scan the serial number off of your screen. There is a high possibility that Apple service centers will charge you a hell lot of money for this. At Westcoast Repairs, we resolve your problem in no time and at the most competitive prices.
If you are an iPhone user, you might be acquainted with high performance as Apple is a premium brand and offers some of the best performances on a mobile phone. However, it is common to face software related issues in your iPhones. There are a number of software problems that your iPhone can be detected with. Some of the most common concerns are: Center buttons freeze, overheating of the device, Trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, apps stop working, apps freeze or quit unexpectedly, touch screen stops working, unable to connect to the apple app store, and some more. In this case, you should get your iPhone inspected by an iPhone repair expert. At Westcoast Repairs, our team of certified iPhone repair experts and engineers will do that for you and resolve any software related problem your phone has.

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