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Three Effective Ways To Protect Your Android Device

October 8, 2019

Things seemed unstable for Android during its couple of years, but it has surpassed Windows as the most admired computing platform on the earth. Android achieved grip with device manufacturers, as it is free and open source. Moreover, users started to feel affection for Android for the overabundance of features and customization choices. Customizing your Android device according to your preferences will allow you to use it efficiently according to your needs.  Here are the ways you can use your Android device to offer you the best entertainment experience.

  1. Secure your phone

This is vital for the reason that you may feel that others should not access the games you enjoyed due to personal or security reasons. Therefore, it is better to configure a safe lock screen for your device. All Android phones are designed to provide users with a protected lock screen in various forms. Most devices will request you to do this during the setup process and you are supposed to do so. The default settings include pattern, PIN, and password.

Nowadays, most of these devices offer fingerprint safety that will probably be the quickest way to lock and unlock them. To achieve a screen lock, you can go to the system settings and make use of the Security menu to choose your preferred screen-locking and unlocking option. Some Android devices come with a separate menu, as well, to lock their screens.  You will require having a safe lock screen to use features, such as Android Pay and factory reorganize protection.

  1. Put bloatware out of action or uninstall it

Most Android devices are available with some pre-installed apps that you do not want to keep them in your device. You can uninstall these apps easily by finding them in the app settings directory or using the Play Store. However, you cannot remove any image, which is a part of the system, but you can put it out of action by opening the app menu and disable it.

  1. Activate the Find my phone feature

Sometimes, you may lose track of your Android device. Possibly, it was hiding in the sofa cushions or you might have kept it in some other place in your home or office. To track your device, all you need to do is using the “Find my phone” tool of Google. You can access the tool through the web on your computer or through another mobile device.

There is usually a lot more to find out in an Android device and each of them is different. Therefore, do not be anxious to search in the deep and see what you can explore.

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