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The Future Of Apple Devices Looks Quite Bright With The Incorporation Of New Technologies

September 19, 2019

The popularity of the brand Apple has reached new heights over the last few decades. The dream pioneer Steve Jobs had regarding his brand has got fulfilled in every possible way to date. One of the leading reasons, why a product from Apple is an attractive proposition for the people is its flexibility to accept every changing technology. The loyalty the brand enjoys in the present day is parallel to none. Almost every year or two, the brand comes up with a new model of the device with attractive new features at a considerable amount of price. A decade back, the competition in the market was not so massive, which gave sufficient for Apple to walk all over its competitors. In this blog, we will try to address some of the factors Apple needs to address immediately before they start falling down the pecking order.

• The need to improve the biometric system in Apple devices: The biometric technology reached new heights over the last two decades. A concept widely used in sci-fi movies has become the reality of the present day; thanks to cutting edge and accurate biometric tools in hand. Speculation was running wild in the market over the last few years, that Apple will incorporate Biometric Facial recognition technology which will further improve the privacy of its owners. The new facial technology may make the online banking transaction much safer than it previously was.

• The Face ID technology on Apple devices need improvement: The biometric facial identification technology with smartphones has produced promising results theoretically. The move can significantly decrease the cases of phone theft, as the facial id will get needed every time to use the phone. The move can also help many online dealers to phase out unauthorized customers. There are strong rumors that very soon Apple will incorporate both Facial ID and fingerprint biometric scanning in their new devices to improve the privacy security of every user.

• The need to incorporate some upgrades on the existing Bluetooth quality must get addressed in the next release of Apple. The popularity of Bluetooth headsets increased massively over the last year, and people owning Apple devices must not get segregated from the crowd due to the limitations in the technology of Apple.

Conclusion: The above-mentioned features are few of the new additions the brand is planning to incorporate in their upcoming devices, as they plan to address the demand of their loyal customers.

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