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Know About the Replacement Process of iPad Air Screen

September 11, 2019

If you want to replace your iPad air screen, then you need to know about all repairing processes. You can choose between the options for repairing –

  1. You may go to an Apple store
  2. Take the help of professionals
  3. You can try a DIY repairing process.

– You need to choose the best option for repairing.


About the cost of repairing iPad air screen –

iPad Air Screen

After choosing the best repairing option, you need to know the cost of each option. It is important to know the cost. If you pay an amount monthly basis for your iPad or your iPad is under the warranty period then you don’t need to pay extra for repairs. The warranty period is only valid for manufacturer malfunction not for any coincidental damage.

If your iPad is not under the warranty condition then you can go to a local repairing professional. WestCoast Repair is one of the best local professionals for repairing. The approximate charge of repairing an iPad air screen is $100. The cost may vary on location and your iPad condition basis. Going for the repair is a suitable and affordable choice for those who do not want to keep away from the device. WestCoast Repair professionals also take care of the safety stored data of your device.

If you are not tech- chic to try a DIY repair then you can go for local professionals. Search for near WestCoast Repair services by your zip code on the page of the service providers.

Want to try DIY repairing: the guide for you –

Many tech-chic want to try a DIY repair for their interest also gain knowledge. If you are one of them then take a try. For the screen replacement, you need some professional tools like –heat gun, screwdriver, prying tool, heat plate, etc.

The process –

  • First, turn off the device.
  • Set heat plate temperature to 90°
  • Leave your device on the heat plate to loosen adhesive for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Carefully fix the prying tool underneath the screen
  • Slide the prying tool to release adhesive.
  • Thereafter remove the casing.
  • Separate the home button, remove the LCD screws.
  • Remove the parts as needed carefully.
  • Replace the screen then reinstall the parts one by one.
  • Reinstall all the cables.
  • Replace all the screws tightly.
  • Apply adhesive in the perimeter of your device like the previous.
  • Give some pressure to screen corners for sealing.
  • You are done with your new iPad air screen.


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